Roof Repair Services

Here at Roof Repair Specialists, our goal is to focus on one thing, repair work. We offer repairs on flat, shingle, cedar, & slate roofs, of any home or outbuilding including:

• Shed roof repair

• Garage roof repair

Roof Inspections

With this being our specialty, we can guarantee top service by the owner-operator. With over 15 years of experience, no leak goes unresolved. We know when repairs are needed, and offer roof inspections in Wilmington, DE, and surrounding areas. We ensure that you are aware when we need to:

• Fix water damage around roof pipes

• Fix roof leaks around chimney


• Chimney flashing repair and pipe collar repair

• Installations of chimney flashing and pipe collars

• Senior discount for roof repairs

• Military discount for roof repairs

• Same-day roof repair service

Contact us for expert roof inspections and receive a free quote for roof repair!

Shingle Roof Repair Service in Delaware

Shingle Roof

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Flat Roof Repair Service in Delaware

Flat Roof

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Cedar Roof Repair Service in Delaware

Cedar Roof

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Slate Roof Repair Service in Delaware

Slate Roof

Repair Services

Chimney Flashing Services in Delaware

Chimney Flashing

Installation Services

Pipe Collar Installation Services in Delaware

Pipe Collars

Installation Services

Roof Repair Specialists

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Roof Inspections in Wilmington, De

If your home has a Shingle roof, Flat roof, Cedar roof, or a Slate roof, we are your right Roof Repair Specialists to call!

Senior Citizens Discount

Are you a senior citizen? Please feel free to contact us at 302-482-5065 to learn about our Senior Citizens Discount Program.

Roof Inspections in Wilmington, DE