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Slopes Roof & Shingle Roof Repair Services

Shingle Roof Repair Services

Most slopes roofs nowadays have shingles on them. Over a period of time those shingles start to lose their life. After the roof starts to age, certain things will start to happen throughout this process. The shingles will start to lose granules, then the shingles will start to shrink and crack. Through this process, sometimes the seals start to pop and the shingles will blow off during high winds, which is very common in shingle roofs. What we do is repair the missing shingles, cracked shingles or leaking valleys.

Delaware Flat Roof Repair Services

Flat Roof Repair Services

Flat roofs are a very sensitive roof style. They take special technical services to ensure that they are water tight. Typically, they utilize seams and different types of adhesives to ensure that they are sealed up properly. Flat roofs should be serviced every 10 years.
At Roof Repair Specialists we will service your roof seams and the corners around any penetration coming through the roof and wall flashings. It’s important to tune up or have a professional inspect or locate any potential leaks. Flat roof types include rubber, TPO, & Granulated Rolled Roofing.

Cedar Roof Repair Services Delaware

Cedar Roof Repair Services

Cedar Roofs are a little different from other roof types. The wood will begin to shrink and dry over time. During this process the gaps in the wood can leak, leaving voids for water to get into the house. We will replace missing or damaged cedar shingles.

Slate Roof Repair Services in Delaware - Newark, Wilmington

Slate Roof Repair Services

After years of weathering on slate roofs, the nails that hold the slate in place begin to come loose due to expansion and contracting. This can cause the slate to fall off of the roof, which could be quite dangerous.

Sheds & Garage Roof Repair Delaware

Sheds & Garages Roof Repair Services

We will install new roofing products to your shed or your garage, whether it’s a flat roof or a shingle roof. We will perform a complete tear-off of your current roof or a re-roofing which consist of installation over your existing roof.

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